n : any gymnosperm tree or shrub of the phylum Coniferophyta, typically bearing cones and evergreen leaves. The group includes the pines, spruces, firs, larches, yews, junipers, cedars, cypresses, and sequoias.
[from Latin, from cōnus cone + ferre to bear]

n, combining form: indicative of what a being feeds on; herbivore
[derived from Latin -vorus; related to vorare to swallow up, devour]

    Conifevore is the solo project of Jim Deabenderfer (former drummer of  Cardiac Arrest).  The musical concept of Conifevore came about in the summer of 2011.  Originally, Jim planned on doing all the drums and vocals, while hiring session guitarists and bassists.  The initial response was encouraging, as names from all over the extreme music community expressed interest in being involved.  As time progressed, Jim realized that the vision that he had would probably be less diluted if he at least demoed the material entirely on his own.  Conifevore is still in the writing stage, and Jim has not ruled out the possibility of bringing on session musicians for the purposes of recording.  There are no plans of any kind to take Conifevore  to the stage, as Jim has a mortal case of the Quorthon Virus.

The main ideas behind Conifevore are centered around being open-minded, socially responsible, and staying true to one’s convictions.  In early 2011, Jim left the music industry because he was fed up equally with both the constant struggle with poverty and the cloud of bigotry inherent in that institution.  Conifevore was born for two reasons: Jim will always be a musician (one who can’t resist the urge to create), and his experience with the industry left him… pissed.

Musically, Jim hopes to emulate some of the elements of his favorite styles, coming together in a crushing, grinding, lurching, sterile behemoth of death.


n : A vegetarian metal band that feeds on the desire to spread awareness, tolerance, and, most of all, crushing music.
[derived from theoretical science; inspired by Angus Macgyver & Grant Imahara]

~March 2012~


Jim Deabenderfer:  Bit-tarness, base accusations, vocalluses, and conundrums