dog friendly garden surfaces

Comfy mulch: Small cedar chips are easy on paws yet large enough so they won’t cling to silky coats. See more ideas about dog yard, dog area, dog friends. Geraldine contacted us with her problem - her dog and her garden are at odds. Like choosing the right mulch. DON'T: Use cocoa mulch, which may contain theobromine, the same ingredient that makes chocolate poisonous to dogs. Landscaping for dogs is easy with these tips about what to do and what NOT to. Lastly – Dog Friendly Gardens and Garden Friendly Dogs. David Beaulieu is a garden writer with nearly 20 years experience writing about landscaping and over 10 years experience working in nurseries. As much as we would like Fido the dog to not tear up our new plants, chances are he will. ... make sure that the designated area has a surface of dirt or gravel. Gentle hardscape: Smooth flagstones set in pebbles form a dry creek bed dogs can comfortably tread. Train your dogs from puppyhood to be garden friendly. ... One very low maintenance option is resin bound surface paving. And most of all, think like a dog. These pet-friendly landscape and garden ideas will keep your pooch safe, happy and well exercised outdoors. Feb 15, 2013 - Explore Maureen Gilmer's board "Dog-Scaped Yards", followed by 4683 people on Pinterest. Fences for Dog-Friendly Yards . I have no problems with it & neither does the dog she is quite happy to go to the loo on the gravel & when it's raining etc my kitchen floor is a lot less muddy when she's in & out all day through the dog flap. Dog Friendly Garden Ideas for Dogs That Dig. Pet-Friendly Grass in Miami The community of Coconut Grove, a neighborhood in Miami hired XGrass to revitalize Blanche Park and create a large, clean space for dogs to run and play. When you put a new plant into your garden, you may want to invest in a larger plant. I'm a California-based writer and editor. ELEMENTS OF A DOG-FRIENDLY GARDEN. Landscaping Rocks That Are Good for Dogs. DO: Use gravel, shredded hardwood mulch, or wood chips, which won’t stick to longhair coats. Even a small garden and medium – large breed dogs can happily co-exist. Marianne Lipanovich June 22, 2014. Yes, you can have a beautiful garden when you have a dog or even two canine friends. Creating a dog friendly garden will help you and your canine friend enjoy the garden. Mulch. Start with Big Plants. 18 January 2008 at 2:59PM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Pets & Pet Care. Also consider filling your yard with outdoor dog toys like tennis balls and chewing bones, or an obstacle course if space is available. Houzz Contributor. The XGrass Pet Grass surface allows the park to stay clean and prevents animals from … Your dog-friendly backyard should be a pleasant place where he can eat, play with his favorite toys, sleep, bask in the sunshine and even frolic in the rain. If you have a dog, you're faced with the challenge of creating an aesthetically pleasing yard that is also safe for the furriest member of the family. With that in mind, create dog-friendly garden designs, filling your garden with smooth stones, ornamental grasses, and other soft foliage that will make your dog feel at home. She tried to go for a low maintenance garden, but the dog keeps pulling up the black weed cover. While most of my projects are garden-based, you might also find me writing about home projects and classical music. Border control: Pieces of driftwood persuade dogs to stay away from planted areas.. Running track: A long, winding path provides dogs with plenty of exercise. Best garden surface with Dogs.

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