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This made those around him who loved him suspicious of rachel’s motives. But wait, Rainaldi turned out to be gay, and nothing but a friend. Philip is drawn to Rachel, yet he is … She was trying to kill him, wasn’t she? And I do not believe Louise or father were lying about the rumors as Rachel defied the period standards of chastity. My Cousin Rachel is a novel by British author Daphne du Maurier, published in 1951.Like the earlier Rebecca, it is a mystery-romance, set primarily on a large estate in Cornwall.. The story has its origins in a portrait of Rachel Carew at Antony House in Cornwall, which du Maurier saw and took as inspiration.. And lover boy would love both women – one as a biological mother, and one as a sext step mother. Although he had been convinced of her innocence involving Ambrose’s death throughout the narrative, he suddenly begins to have serious doubts. (A humbling experience quite a few British journalists were made familiar with over the past few days, but I digress.) If I saw my husband suffering from a headache I may smile, not as in I am victorious, but as I hope this is a passing trifle and sort of an encouraging smile. He was not the villain either… he just let his love sick heart make him make bad decisions. They must be!!! There is no “did she or didn’t she?” as far as I can see. Her spending habits is all from the un-greedy, un-selfish attitude of her to share and buy everything for everyone else like during the Christmas Party , and her giving things to the poor when Philip spied on her. That is just a dark reprieve from what Louise is about to realize about her prince charming, Phillip. At the end of the movie, we see a scene, where Phillip and Louise are happily riding in the estate’s carriage. though, because if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, the only thing better than a great movie, is a really bad one. Also, did anyone consider that Rachel purposely planted those letters with intent on making Philip looking like a mad man? The point is that she doesn’t drink it after all. I had re-watched the movie to confirm my beliefs. But that was what Phillip and Nick, and Louise were all worried about. Louise “translates” Rinaldi’s note to Rachel for Phillip. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The truth dies with Rachel. Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. (Wait, what? Willing to sort out the truth, Philip goes to Ambrose's place but he does not find Rachel… So she laughs and he lets Rachel walk (in the book) or ride (in the 2017 film) towards her death. I believe in the era the film plays off, men were not as accepting of independent women, a role Rachel pursued relentlessly. Release: 1951. I think the views about this movie fall neatly in a couple of camps. I don’t know, Did Rachel kill Ambrose? Philip, I feel, felt insecure about this & drove himself mad with his deep desire & obsession with Rachel. On hindsight even the unreasonable passion he felt must have been also due to his illness. 12A Certificate ... His Dark Materials season 2 ending explained: Unpicking that epic finale 1h ago. But she still is fond of him, attracted to him. I have to say this modern version killed the story for me by rendering the misunderstandings between Ambrose and Rachel as frustrating and implausible. He looks exactly like Ambrose. I read this book in my teens and I watched all the movies made using her work too. The Dowager has refused the overtures of love and marriage! The only way is if Rachel didn’t actively redirect the estate away from Phillip. The great cinematography of Joseph LaShelle enhances what the director set out to do in more ways than he probably imagined. I am maybe 50 pages into the book. Philip, an orphan, was loved by Ambrose. Man. Had to read the book the moment the movie was over. Generally, the movie is about Ambrose Ashley, an owner of a large estate who is caring for his orphaned cousin Philip. And she always had the intend of Philip well being . I think she manipulated Phillip into giving her the money so she could live the rest of her life wealthy but she still cared for Phillip enough that she planned to take care of him after she had the estate. I’m a guy so the whole first love thing which reeks of manipulation, which is a man in love can either be true or imagined. So what that means is, if you’ve not seen this movie… respectfully depart. I think I may be alone here but I definitely think Rachel was the villain. An adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier 's classic novel, the play features a cast including Helen George . The surprise twist. Rachel also invites a ‘companion’ for her to stay at home further breaking Philip’s heart. Well, there is one theory that has not been mentioned. Best movies. Like, gone gone. As it happens, du Maurier’s novel “My Cousin Rachel” has an entirely different and hookier opening line: “They used to hang men at Four Turnings in the old days.” One feature of this movie, written and directed by Roger Michell , is—I’m assuming here—a new conception of … It is an aspect of the book that was emphasized in the movie. The ending of My Cousin Rachel is purposefully ambiguous. I don’t think that Rachel is innocent. How could this be? Whether Louise poissoned Phillip to make Ambrose letter accusations to Rachel even more plausible is another subject. 2) ” someone who claims to be distraught over losing their husband then seduces his nephew” I always thought Rachel had a despair within her when Ambrose dead. Her herbs and teas were poisoning him! He is bad b/c he led her to her death but in that moment he was convinced she was a murderer and he was next. Is Louise complicit? While I agree that Louise’s behavior definitely warrants scrutiny, I have started reading the book to answer the central question of whether or not Rachel is “guilty”. 3) the minute he signs over his wealth to her, her affections immediately shift. Our actions have consequences and unless we’re inquisitive rather than destructive we will never find peace. Not judging her or anything but it is weird that she should be okay with having an intimate relationship with Philip if she cared so much about Ambrose (at least why so suddenly?). Because Philip is the ill, not Louise , the heavily -endorsed herb drink was made specially for Philip to drink . The letter Philip reads in the end before Rachel’s death supports this. From my own personal life experiences, Rachel reminds me of a narcissist + manipulator who knows how to play and get what she wants (all her emotional outbursts melt Philip’s heart). The one and only Alfred Hitchcock directed numerous adaptations of her work, including the likes of The Birds, Rebecca, and Jamaica Inn. After an idyllic outset, the situation deteriorates. One rather feels she faces sex with her young lover with a sigh not of anticipation and arousal, but forbearance and resignation. The film version with Olivia de Havilland and Richard Burton is one of my all-time favorites, and more faithfully reflects the romantic ambiguity of the novel. Take a second to support Taylor Holmes on Patreon! As mentioned, yes, Rachel is a ‘modern’ woman. In the book, no Louise, no kid, just repeating the first sentence in the book. He was obviously murdered by his wife. When Rachel returns from Italy alone, Philip is determined to be quickly rid of the witch and her herb-lore, but eventually finds himself trapped by the … I think she has had worldly Italian lovers, and can’t imagine dreary sex with Phillip. To silence him. Phillip and Rachel make love, and all is well in the world of Cornwall. I think she cared for Phillip but more so the way you like a puppy and not a lover or husband (her words by the way). But to go back to Rebecca, it isn't as abrupt as you say. Got it? It uses clunky devices out of a 19th-century melodrama, but its subject is modern: mistakes of perception and of metaphor. The entirety of the movie is 100% about the ambiguity between that love bit, and that dead bit. Nick planted the letters from Ambrose to make him believe Rachel was the dangerous one. So, it’s built into the DNA of the story. My Cousin Rachel, based on the book by ... My Cousin Rachel, Lady MacBeth 2017 Movies Wife Sexism. Save Me filming locations. REGARDLESS, that night with Nick and his daughter, and Rachel, Phillip decides to profess his love for her and to ask Rachel to marry him. I honestly didn’t expect it to be a film I would talk about here. I have no idea.) Phillip commented early on the everyone assumes he will marry Louise. When Louise and he finds out that he could be being poisoned, there’s a scene in which Rachel makes that tea for them. Their motive from the beginning was for Louise to marry Phillip for the estate. Heather Hammers’ New I Still Love You Rendition. I am a Rebecca and Jamaica Inn fan as well. Synopsis: Young Philip Ashley was raised by his older cousin Ambrose to be his heir. Plot summary. 6) “she cautions Louise against drinking the tea meant for him. This movie is so confusing and interesting at the same..I have not read the book but I have watched twice this last version movie and after reqding all your comments can not figurate it out still… im gonna have to watch it a 3rd time to check on all your observations… never would guess louise would be the villin here but now im considering!!! 4) the minute she wakes up from their love making her first thought it to get clarification on the line item in the transfer of wealth. I was struck by a wave of nostalgia and decided to re-read My Cousin Rachel myself. 3) “the minute he signs over his wealth to her, her affections immediately shift”, Rachel had always wanted to be a independent women. Women know how to play men i mean every woman knows her man especially if you are older. Odd. Then again, film fanatics will surely recognise a wealth of her stories too…. The amazing ability to conjure up mood is what makes My Cousin Rachel more harrowing than the plot might suggest. The letters tell everything anyone would ever need to know about what happened! Even in spite of the fact that she was seriously overdrawn against the allotment he’d given her previously. She didn’t siphon off the estate’s money. Louise was not the bad guy here After watching it 4 times Im sure! And WHAT? But soon enough he remembers the letters. Louise was definetely not involved here… otherwise why she would read the note on Rachel’s favor, while Rachel was going towards the cliff?! My Cousin Rachel (1952) Plot Summary (4) A young man plots revenge against the woman he believes murdered his cousin, but his plans are shaken when he comes face to face with the enigmatic beauty. The first two efforts, in particular, are amongst the filmmaker’s most cherished and iconic offerings. That may have been how he played him, but that is not the Philip I got to know in the book. Anyway the long lasting migraines and the artritis-like Phillip along Ambrose were suffering seems more of a family run illness. {{#media.focal_point}}. Great job: I will get the DVD soon. In mid-2017, My Cousin Rachel was released as a movie starring Rachel Weisz and Sam Clafin. As I said in the intro, the movie concerns itself on this whole Rachel business. The jewels, the estate, everything. With My Cousin Rachel, I thoroughly enjoyed the flow of Daphne du Maurier's writing but was expecting a greater "wow" factor for the ending, which I feel I didn't get. I believe Rachael is the innocent victim and the other two co accomplishes directly and indirectly with her death. Through english literature of this period of time even though in surface there is a love story there is also a lot of critism of the position of women in the society in mariage and in family and many female heros struggle to fullfill themselves and earn some independancy. In fact, Rachel served him tea BECAUSE he was sick. In the end, after all those years he is still uncertain of Rachel’s innocence and his doubt haunts him like a ghost. Louise and Nick’s negative disposition towards the way Rachel had Phillip wrapped around her finger were natural and justified viewpoints but not villainous. I was struck by a wave of nostalgia and decided to re-read My Cousin Rachel myself. But why would that be? She was burying the family in debt to send the cash of the Cornwall estate out to the marauding Italians! 5) his uncle suspects the tea is poisoning him”. And now you’ve fallen ill my dear platonic Phillip? The only other one I know of is the movie Doubt, where Philip Seymour Hoffman knew whether the priest was guilty and the other actors did not (which is also how they handle the stage play.) My Cousin Rachel begins a UK tour next week, playing the Theatre Royal Bath. But his feelings become complicated as he … Cut to dead Ambrose, and a journey to England to see the land of my departed love’s life. Philip has just sent for Rachel, so they have not yet even met. I HATE THIS WOMAN, SHE KILLED MY FATHER! The first film adaptation, Henry Koster's My Cousin Rachel starring Richard Burton and Olivia de Havilland, was released in 1952.Du Maurier and original director George Cukor reviewed a screenplay draft and found it unfaithful to the novel, with du Maurier declaring it "Quite desperate." I mean, I am. Huge coincidence 6) she cautions Louise against drinking the tea meant for him. And yes, it could very well be that the point she was making was the same as you were saying. So the magic of this film (and the book, though the ending of the book is a bit different… by that I mean, Rachel doesn’t die from falling off a cliff but rather from walking on an unstable garden trellis. And the final theory would maybe be an amalgam, Life Is Messy view that maybe lands somewhere in the middle. I think the only way to figure it out? Even though the ending is confusing there are actually direct instances from the movie (I just saw the movie. A few minutes with Daphne du Maurier’s most passionate biographer, Franco-British writer and journalist Tatiana de Rosnay, were enough for me to discover that my original reaction to My Cousin Rachel may have been slightly off. The great cinematography of Joseph LaShelle enhances what the director set out to do in more ways than he probably imagined. It is weird how she runs to the lawyer first thing in the morning to clear her ‘doubts’ on the will. Nick was weary of Rachel as he should be as guardian. Rachel was seriously overdrawn. She will take a lover if she wishes, & not feel guilty. No plausible explanation to the central mystery is particularly satisfying. The Social Dilemma on Netflix Should Be Required Viewing, Interview with The Spinning Man Author George Harrar, Christmas List of the 50 Best 2020 Movies, Parallel Movie Ending Discussed and Explained, Looking For Your Assistance – Panel Discussions, Make the Ending of White Wall TV Series Make Sense. Not only that, but Rachel has left the villa. What I feel is that even until death, this woman was wearing a convenient mask from which nobody completely understood her or had any real evidence about her motives. I will be reading more by Daphne du Maurier in the future, having also read The Birds and Other Stories . This hints that he could be asking the question about Louise, in addition to Rachel. And so that final scene that we see with the carriage? And that’s what we have today with My Cousin Rachel. In the end, after all those years he is still uncertain of Rachel’s … There he meets and marry Rachel, a half-Italian cousin of his. Also when Philip refuses and asks her to drink it she’s suddenly taken aback and changes the topic. It uses clunky devices out of a 19th-century melodrama, but its subject is modern: mistakes of perception and of metaphor. I thing Rachel is one of them. Later, Louise does make it clear that Rachel had enquired about the formalities of the will and how the estate would revert back to Philip if she married him. Along the way Phillip gets another letter from Ambrose, written before he passed away, talking about Rachel’s carelessness with money and that maybe, just maybe, she might be trying to poison him. Their relationship at one point reminds me of a narcissist and victim. Maybe Alice has inhabited the second wife’s body. The Movie Under the Shadow Ending Explained - it's a fascinating horror film set with an amazing backdrop in the middle of the Iran/Iraq war. I am going to have to rewatch this movie AND the original! She might have been a bit of a seductress, but I don’t believe she used her sexuality as a tactic to gain anything, as it was made quite clear that she didn’t want the riches Philip insisted she should have. If you have ever been really lopsidedly in love with the wrong person you will sympathize with Phillip’s poor decision making but he is not villainous. And sure, Phillip, I get it that you don’t like Rainaldi Phillip… so I’ll keep him out of the way in the town. This is the best option for Rachel to be independent too. He fell in love with me too? my cousin rachel movie ending explained. In mid-2017, My Cousin Rachel was released as a movie starring Rachel Weisz and Sam Clafin. My Cousin Rachel. When Philip gets there, Ambrose has died, and Rachel is gone. And, yes, I rewatched the movie after finishing the book. 2) someone who claims to be distraught over losing their husband then seduces his nephew. She could’ve at least let a couple of days pass. Are they a pair, a duo bent on misfortune!? Though I am certainly going to say in the movie, it threw me in that I kinda trust none of the characters, including Philip and especially Rachel because he tears did appear to be crocodile in nature. Or something. My Cousin Rachel. Nor was Rachel. And it isn’t going to be good. Need to read the book.) I believe the case can be made for all three characters. Ambrose goes away to Italy, marries there, and a few years later sends a letter to Philip intimating that he is in danger, and asking Philip to come to Italy straight away. Philip, the protagonist of My Cousin Rachel, has been raised by his bachelor cousin Ambrose. And Rachel leaves. So I went into this book with pretty average expectations. Louise loved Phillip and wanted Rachel out of the picture but she also let Phillip make his own decisions. Welp, that doesn’t go as expected. She is an older woman, she is educated and she lives in the time period knowing how to behave and what is right and expected. But Ambrose is certain she will be an evil witch. This sparked new interest in the novel. (It also killed Ambrose’s father.) If she never had this mask on, anyone would have caught her before (in her previous marriages), i.e., even after she dies, Philip is left confused (“Did she? I feel that all the signs which show that she could have been innocent were just a part of her mask because this is what manipulators do. It was shot in Italy and England in spring 2016 and is about a young man in Cornwall who meets the wife of his older cousin, suspecting her of being responsible for his death. Central to My Cousin Rachel is the relationship of the young Englishman Philip and Rachel, the widow of Philip’s cousin. He got revenge she got what she wanted, and Rachael got screwed both figuratively and literally. Knowingly sent her to her death. So that is plainly why I am pro-Rachel, book or film, as to her innocence. Almost like she knew it was poisoned. Now I see that Rachel Weisz (wife of the current James Bond) portrays Rachel Ashley. So…what was the story of Alice? It is a sad and uncomfortable insight into the confusion mental illness can cause an individual. yes, I agree with you. So the word of a new My Cousin Rachel coming out seemed promising enough; casting Rachel Weisz as the title character was a brilliant stroke that convinced me there was a good chance the filmmakers knew just what they were doing. She seems to have a smug, self-satisfied smile as though she finally won & captured the prize; i.e., Phillip. I too have noticed only at the very end of the movie that it was Louise & her father who might have been behind the poisoning of Philip, & attempts at trying to turn Philip against Rachel. Directed by Roger Michell. I mean she just pulled his heart out still beating. Ambrose, through an illness, heads off to Italy to convalesce. But no you take his inheritance and play along. By the way, that quick turn is in the book as well. A dark romance, MY COUSIN RACHEL tells the story of a young Englishman who plots revenge against his mysterious, beautiful cousin, believing that she murdered his guardian. Why the Movie Piercing is so Broken. But with this movie, I think we got a bit of evidence that decidedly answers the question as to which theory is at work here. They enchant you, hurt you, play the victim and they are even capable of making you apologize to them for hurting you. Louise was definitely determined to be Phillip’s wife. Thus far in the book, Louise (and Louise alone) has supported Philip’s ramblings about Rachel murdering Ambrose. Nick was the one acting suspicious about Rachel and told Phillip he “asked around” about her. I mean seriously? My Cousin Rachel: Review June 17, 2017 by Emma Let me start this review by saying that I haven’t read Daphne du Maurier’s My Cousin Rachel, so I have no point of comparison between the book and the movie – as a bookworm at heart this disturbs me, to say the least. To have her independence, Rachel used beauty to get her access to independence, Phillip, naive and mentally ill, used his wealth to acquire Rachel’s love, and Louise wanted what society deemed as the pinnacle existence for a woman at that time. His legs were dizzy already . So in the end, everyone is flawed or imperfect but nobody is a villain with purely malicious intent. The document that he had signed have meant that all the doings ( comforting and helping Philips )from Rachel , have had a very unintended consequence to Philip (of Philip falling in love with her). My Cousin Rachel (2017) Plot Summary (5) A young Englishman plots revenge against his late cousin's mysterious, beautiful wife, believing her responsible for his death. My Cousin Rachel is a low key, slow boil movie, with an intriguing right hook of an ending. Well, ok, I’ll have a necklace, but only because it will make you happy. She was raised under the Tuscan sun! My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier is a 1952 publication. Wondering if anyone can fill in the blanks for me? Lovers of literature will be all too familiar with the wonderful works of legendary English author Daphne du Maurier. And so they have. _Did she? Others euphoric. While the movie’s creators could have chosen to go in a different direction from the book, I am hopeful that reading the book will illuminate some of the issues we have been discussing. The last time in the woods when he gives a 30-second slam, bam, thank you ma’am.. Rachel is thinking, “Is that it”? She even had the intend to bring Philip over to Italy from the letter), 7)”there are rumors of her cheating ways and spending habits. And, yes, a final shot of Rachel would have underlined their mutual love and ultimate loss. The novel continues to be celebrated in Cornwall where there is a five mile stretch in the Barton area called the My Cousin Rachel Walk. Ambrose goes away to Italy, marries there, and a few years later sends a letter to Philip intimating that he is in danger, and asking Philip to come to Italy straight away. Could louise have been poisoning Philip because she was upset with the prospect of not marrying someone she spent her life chasing. That is exactly the sort of movie we have here with My Cousin Rachel. Ambrose had zero need for women. Phillip turns out to be the real villain in this movie. Haha, I’d be hard pressed to choose! Lousie spurred by her livelong love. In this film version, I did feel they missed the whole ‘of only’ aspect of their hot-to-trot relationship. Check out the exclusive movie review and see our movie rating for My Cousin Rachel. My Cousin Rachel is a sensual film but not a very sexy one. And secondly, that Ambrose had never changed the will in Rachel’s favor……. This could have been her manipulative trick to make Philip feel that she didn’t care about the money and had come only to remember ‘Ambrose’. Rachel was after his money! As another commentator pointed out, ambiguity (and I would add Rachel’s mystique) is at the heart of this story yet in this film version, Rachel and Ambrose are too literal and awkward to deliver that ambiguity/mystique. She was very wifely when helping him clean the house for the new arrival. Phillip wasn’t good at learning as stated in the beginning of the film. But here’s a question: Did Philip tell Louise when he nearly fell? And better yet, Rachel didn’t actually craft a will to take away the estate from Philip. It’s not just Philip Ashley, our narrator, who will never be able to answer his question about Rachel, but all of us, left by du Maurier suspended in uncertainty … If he did, then she would have known he was putting Rachel’s life at risk, telling her to ride along the cliff path. My Cousin Rachel is a novel by British author Daphne du Maurier, published in 1951.Like the earlier Rebecca, it is a mystery-romance, set primarily on a large estate in Cornwall.. Philip, the protagonist of My Cousin Rachel, has been raised by his bachelor cousin Ambrose. Taxi Driver Watch Along Video Party. The 2017 film is based on the 1951 book and stars Rachel Weisz (The Favourite) as the titular Rachel and Sam Claflin (Peaky Blinders) as protagonist Philip. Did she? Daphne Du Maurier, My Cousin Rachel (1951) The 1951 Club is the latest in a series of events put together by Simon of Stuck in a Book and Karen of Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings, which encourages us to read books published in a particular year. She was a douche and he was an immature virgin who finally looked at a woman. I see no remorse in him.

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