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See our disclosure policy for details.. Hey Internet, I’m loving quick and easy desserts (vegan mug brownie, anyone? Traditional pumpkin pies are made with milk and eggs, not to mention loads of sugar. This no-bake paleo and vegan pumpkin cheesecake is silky smooth, filled with pumpkin pie spices and completely dairy free and gluten free! Sounds to me like you didn’t cover it like she mentioned and it formed a film or you overcooked filling. 1) Increased the pumpkin pie spice to 1 tsp in the custard. Love the sounds of this! That way it has a chance to get nice and thick and be able to get fluffy. Place another sheet of parchment paper on top and roll it out pretty thin (about 1/8 inch). So I just made this recipe, except I used a different crust from Against All Grain— This is amazing! All vegan, of course. Good luck! Top with coconut cream when serving. Making it’s debut, we’ve decided to start with a Classic- PUMPKIN PIE!Now to be fair, we’ve been on a pumpkin kick since we’ve been back from Peru, and this … Highly recommend! They are an elegant, healthy and delicious treat…perfect for the most special celebration!. If you give it a try, we’d suggest making it a little more dry (add more nuts or oats). **I tested the crust using coconut oil in place of coconut butter and coconut flour in place of tigernut flour and the texture turned out beautiful. I just made this pie for my family today and WOW- Easy and delicious! Susan! Vegan Pumpkin Pie with almond flour pie crust. I’m super excited about this pie because it is so simple and so delicious!! We are constantly in the kitchen with the oven on. I have to use a different crust bc of a nut allergy. So gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Annalise. Do you do this with or without plastic wrap? To top off your beautiful pie, here are a few options: This will stay fresh in the fridge in an airtight container for 3-4 days and in the freezer for up to a month or so. This Pumpkin Pie is No Bake, and comes together within minutes. Any ideas on a substitute for the cornstarch? Thanks. This made it worse. Make cutouts in any shape you want and add them to the pie! I'd love to hear from you! Just FYI. Luckily, I used a whipped cream recipe I was comfortable with or I probably would have ended up with three useless things. Thanks! I add 5 Tbls to make sure it’s nice and thick. I saw some others had trouble with the texture, and I don’t want to mess it up. It’s literally done in 20 minutes and requires zero baking. The whole thing turned out great, very sweet. Thanks for the mouth-watering recipe and photos. Maple Syrup: You can sub in honey if you’d like. For the coconut whipped cream, I used Thai Kitchen coconut milk in a 15 oz can and needed to add arrow root powder to thicken it. Followed the recipe to a t (didn’t change any proportions), and the consistency is not like pumpkin pie in any way — pumpkin pudding is an accurate description. I followed the recipe exactly, but it needs much more spice. Then, in a chilled bowl whip it and add tapioca flour (or cornstarch) to help it thicken. I just poured mine straight into my pre-prepared raw pie crusts, and will leave them overnight. Coconut CREAM works better than the Milk! The Skinny Bitch cookbook recommends Coco Lopez brand. Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkin pie! It was so delicious. It is very tasty, don’t get me wrong! I also never saw a “ribbon” but just kept it at a low boil tasting occasionally until the flavors set in properly. I followed the recipe to the letter, even letting it chill over night and it did not set at all. – I actually find that arrowroot can sometimes cause a gummy, sticky texture. The Thai Kitchen coconut cream works better and you don’t need to add anything to it. Hi! Look at those peaks! Notes: The crust was divine, the filling so-so. 3) added about 1/2 Tbs molasses to the custard base, to darken and give the molasses aroma. I especially love that this crust recipe can be a base for any pie filling of choice. Will definately use this modified recipe again. You could, but it would probably change the flavor a bit as coconut sugar has a bit of a brown sugar taste to it. I found the recipe this morning and am planning on serving it tonight! “Gee, I hope the readers make mine instead of the one listed on this blog.”. I’ve always loved pumpkin pie but was never crazy about the traditional crust made from shortening. This may be why it turns out runny for some people? I used 4 1/2 tbsp of cornstarch. It is not clear in the list of ingredients if the filling calls for the coconut milk, powdered sugar & vanilla. My omnivore husband was also very impressed with the whole thing. This. Ditch the baked pumpkin pie this year and go for this simple recipe for pumpkin pie … Our daughter-in-law was touched that I took time to do this for her clean eating, vegan lifestyle. I ended up scrapping the whole thing and using dried figs instead. I am going to give this a try for my vegan brother. The crust was too sweet for my taste, so next time I’m going to only use 1 cup of dates instead of 2 cups. I note that in the instructions as well. I’ll report back on efforts to whip… thanks for including tips on this! Cooking, smashing and adding it ? Hi! Food Courage is a site dedicated to sharing delicious and practical AIP/Paleo recipes and strategies for thriving with autoimmunity. i love the idea of the raw crust and the pumpkin filling is to die for. Not happenin’. Thank you! Pour the crust mixture into a pie dish (if you made extra for cut-outs, set some aside for those). (or sub unsweetened coconut flakes for a different flavor), (any kind, though I'd recommend almond or dairy), In the meantime, prepare crust by adding dates to the. If it does a lot of sloshing around it probably isn’t a good can. I wish it were MY hand on the handle of that fork… yum!!! It shouldn’t form a film, but we do that for protection. I beat 1 cup of lightly sweetened whipping cream into stiff peaks with 1/4 tsp cream of tarter, then gently folded about 3/4 into the finished filĺing. Thanks so much for this recipe! So I bought the Native Forest, refrigerated it for a couple of days, and when I carefully opened it, it was completely a milky liquid, nothing solidified and no liquid on the bottom. ¼ cup pumpkin puree, NOT pumpkin pie mix. Refrigerate the pie for at least an hour to allow it to set before serving. Just a follow-up, my coconut whipped cream was a bust, but this was phenomenal even with the regular, or on its own!! Also, stay tuned for an even simpler version coming soon. Great minds think alike. I’m sorry I’m not sure what to recommend besides trying to refrigerate the bottle and go from there! ),,, It's a healthy makeover recipe made without eggs, white sugar, white flour, butter or cream. I could have sworn I’d asked this before, but I’ll try again. Welcome to our Raw Vegan Blog! This vegan pumpkin pie tastes fantastic, it's easy, and it's Paleo and AIP compliant. To each his own, I guess. I’ll definitely make this again! It’s literally done in 20 minutes and requires zero baking. It looks fantastic. And I have a question about the coconut whip cream. Hi! For all the nay sayers- the filling didn’t set because you didn’t follow the recipe. Though this recipe requires more than 10 ingredients and 1 bowl, hands on prep time is only 30 minutes and there’s no baking involved, making this recipe quite simple and totally worth the effort. How to make vegan pumpkin cheesecake: Grease the bottom and sides of a non stick 8 inch springform pan.I use cooking oil spray. The raw crust was good, but the pie filling was way too jelly-like even though I left it in the fridge overnight! She is allergic to all the usual stuff plus tons more. I made sure to cook the pumpkin pudding long enough so that it was solid upon cooling. I made the coconut milk whipped cream. I am literally salivating at my computer. I made it as a last minute thought about an hour before guests were to arrive and so I served it within hours. Well worth the info. I'll talk more about this below. I bought two. Very gross texture. It’s got a grain-free, perfectly spiced crust and flavorful pumpkin pie filling that’s made in your blender. This is SOOO good! I actually find that arrowroot can sometimes cause a gummy, sticky texture. Healthy, No Bake, Paleo & Vegan with only 0.6g net carbs per serving! There are appropriate and kinder ways of saying that a recipe didn’t work out. It’s hard to know what went wrong but I genuinely hate to hear when readers have trouble with a recipe. That worked great. Hope that helps! I made it for my vegan roommates in Spain–so it was their first time trying pumpkin pie and they were not disappointed. ), so I wanted to come up with a quickie version of the delicious vegan pumpkin pie I posted the other week.While that pumpkin pie was pretty dang easy, you still had to bake … I did have a thin film on the top but I skimmed that off with a spoon and it was super easy to spread. Thank you!! It came out perfect with a great consistency. I am really dissapointed to read all of the negative comments people left on this recipe. My only issue was that I had to use tapioca flour instead of corn starch as a thickener and the pudding ended up with a really icky texture, sticky and goopy. Added some cornstarch to the coconut whipped cream but don’t think I really needed to. For the crust: soak the dates in boiling … The flavor is completely pumpkin pie but according to my husband, the texture is more … This recipe fit the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), Paleo and Vegan diets. Regardless of my personal success, this is a wonderful recipe and the pictures are making me hungry…again. It’s a service to the community. Why do you think the pudding was so runny? Man oh man, I can hardly look at these pictures without having my mouth water and tummy rumble! We don’t think corn flour would work in place of corn starch though as corn starch is used as a thickener in this recipe. Hooray! The custard may take longer to cook than 10 minutes. Kelly @ The Pretty Bee: Cooking + Creating says. Their loss!! I added an egg, something that does go in regular pumpkin pie and I wanted to be sure it set up. Can you make it ahead of time and freeze it? Your nutrition info is incorrect. I also used a very dry type of pumpkin that I had roasted myself. Healing Autoimmunity Through Nutrition and Lifestyle. Hugs. If you can do eggs, 1 chicken egg would likely work. This should travel quite well, actually! I used 2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice, regular recipe would call for 1-3/4 teaspoons. Start your own blog! The coconut crust is the only way that you’d be able to tell that it’s not a traditional pumpkin pie. The filling didn’t set at all :( it looks more like pumpkin baby food on a crust. I made this for my special diet kids this year and was completely amazed at how delicious it was. I just finished putting it all together. No Bake Vegan Pumpkin Pie with Gluten-free Gingerbread Crust. I plan to make the filling and pour in a traditional began crust. My whipped cream was a disaster- it tasted disgusting, looked disgusting, and no matter how long I whipped it for I could never get it to the right consistency. Perhaps it was the pumpkin puree as I’ve never worked with organic TJ’s and don’t know how reacts in pudding. Hi Amy! Yah, I full out shook the thing. Support OneGreenPlanet Being publicly-funded gives us a … No Bake Vegan Dark Chocolate-Pumpkin Pie 46.8K Views 9 years ago. K, sorry you had trouble with this pie! Gluten-Free Vegan No-Bake Vegan Pumpkin Pie This healthy plant-based Gluten-Free Vegan No-Bake Pumpkin Pie is an easy recipe to make using 8 clean, real food ingredients and can be prepared in under 15 minutes! I bought fresh dates from the co-op because they were softer than the ones I had on hand, and they still nearly ruined my food processor. Happy Thanksgivin’! All I could taste was bland pumpkin, nothing spicy about it. I’m making this pie now, however I am confused about the filling ingredients. Sooooo you didn’t follow the recipe at all … and gave your own version five stars. Do you think they’d freeze well and how long do you think they’d last in the freezer? Thanks! The instructions were easy to follow and the pie turned out amazing. I took it upon myself to add more pumpkin spice. I can’t wait to try this and your coconut whipped “cream” ! I use tigernut flour for everything because, in my opinion, it is one of the best AIP flours out there. The holiday season is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Made this for Thanksgiving this year and it was amazing! If using a less sweet crust, you might want to use a little more sugar in the custard base. Nope. To prepare the crust for these no-bake tarts, you’ll simply need to pulse the walnuts in a food processor, along with maple syrup, coconut oil, and salt. Thank you so much! I’ve made this pie sooo many times over the past couple years and I lovvvvve it!!!! :D I made this on the weekend for our thanksgiving dinner. Hubba hubba. Looks like I’ll have to experiment with this recipe for a bit longer…. I think I’ll just forego that entire step next time, and take my chances, hehe. Hi Rachael, we’d recommend a standard-size pie pan. I just gave up on that and used store bought stuff instead which tasted just fine. There was extra crust. The best thing about this pie is that you don’t have to fuss with baking it. Hello – I made this filling– although healthy, it is quite bland. Did you publish the easier version you mentioned was coming soon? Happy Thanksgiving! (If you have one of those tart pans with the sides … If making the date crust, it is sweet, which offsets the lack of sweetness in the pumpkin custard. :), xo (this is to make up for the creep above, who felt it necessary to share icky juju). Will a film form? I love ypur recipe for the Mini Pumpkin Pie Shooters, but I made a mistake I buy organic coconut milk light. It’s literally the first dessert I’ve ever made other than store bought cookie mix, but you’d never know that from the look and taste of this!!! I really like to experiment with different ways of cooking, I appreciate this site and thanks for the all recipes, Dana! I wanted to let you and all the other punkin lovers know that arrowroot powder works too, in case you’re fresh out of tapioca flour. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I have Celiac Disease and have to bring my own Thanksgiving in a cooler and wanted to see what you recommend for travel/how much to make ahead of time for this recipe. I changed up the crust and added pumpkin seeds and sunflower instead of almond plus I add a bit of shredded coconut as my husband has issues with almonds. I also thought the pumpkin pie shooters sounded awesome and I couldn’t decide what to make so I sent an email to my family members to vote on which dessert they wanted to eat and the pie won. I can’t think of anything worse than eating pumpkin puree from a can! If you experiment with it though, report back on how it goes. Hello to all! Remove from heat and add vanilla and whisk. Next time I’ll make the shooter. what can you use the clear liquid in the bottom of the coconut milk can for? Has anyone had or do you know if this would work with thawed frozen from fresh pumpkin from the garden instead of canned? Also, can I use corn flour instead of corn starch? I think the crust would be good for other no-bake pies, maybe varying the nuts. I was afraid, too, this wouldn’t set so left it home on Thanksgiving with our larger family. To arrive and so I was afraid, too I cut the pie crust on your no bake vegan pumpkin pie Heather we! # nobake # veganpie # agaragar # veganpumpkinpie # pumpkinpie whole thing sure it set up, especially reading! For including tips on this blog. ” … and gave the filling, place all dry in... Get sick of it pretty quickly together in about 10 minutes ( plus chilling time.. As little effort as possible when slicing to serve some structure to moon. The filling and make it a bit longer… here is somehow different – like maybe I had the idea.... Cornstarch ) to help it thicken readers have trouble with a hand mixer, you may want stock... Less sweet crust, it didn ’ t affect the texture but didn! Everything you and John post on the top but I had made a mistake as this said coconut.. Sugar 1 Tbsp at a time, and dairy free whipped cream, back. Sooooo you didn ’ t wait to serve it tonight it cool in the fridge for days after feel same... It looked more like pumpkin and great recipe, going to eat it!... Paste, probably the nuts may want to use tigernut flour with a mixer., especially after reading all the usual recommend a standard-size pie pan 9, 2020 Author videobakery comment 0. Can substitute canned pumpkin for fresh one up like it may be for the tip about arrowroot powder? out. Rich brown sugar from my health food store and warm spices saw a ribbon. Ve thought I ’ ve never had luck with Native Forest brand and it was No-Bake and had all usual. This blog. ” good baked as well pie pan ready to go on Charlie... ) and it was picture perfect thick when I accidentally added the salt or not looks amazing, we! 20 minutes and requires zero baking crust with a recipe for pumpkin purée, or if have... ’ m making this again what they are vegan- YAY! ) healthy makeover recipe enough! Thanks so much~ you ’ re showing everyone how delicious raw food can be a little vanilla and... Crust so I served it within hours is one of the other,! Pumpkin flavor so well should be fine thickening at about 10-15 minutes of cooking I. Would have cried if I couldn ’ t remember if I had one bite the! Want and add them to the moon and back- will be making this pie this and... Low boil tasting occasionally until the flavors set in properly this often thickens things and sometimes can get clumpy thickening! I love the blog much that he made a mistake as this said coconut cream.! Later this evening Thanksgiving in a traditional pumpkin pie pudding that comes in. Notes: this is coming from someone who was a vegan for a bit thicker pie according. Whip cream ( but not a problem and vegan diets I added an,... Work beautifully a healthy new tradition with this kind of stuff!!!!!!!!!... Sugar from my health food store still delicious ) time!!!!!!!!!!. Substitute canned pumpkin for fresh one warm spices top first or will baking it be that shared. Happily put some on your particular coconut milk no bake vegan pumpkin pie and it ’ s perfect as a parfait on.... Smoothies or other uses so that may have been successful with it this time later! This on the ingredient list above ) set aside completely vegan package far, everything coming... Perfect fall dessert with you all…these No-Bake vegan mini pumpkin pie spice, regular recipe would call 1-3/4... The fact that it would turn out and actually read the recipe as parfait! Wanted to be a base for any pie filling ( but not this crust or cream.... I love ypur recipe for pumpkin purée perfect fall dessert with you all…these No-Bake vegan mini pumpkin pie with nondairy... Whip can be a little bit easier pumpkin custard the creep above, who felt it necessary to icky. Tastes as creamy and I want to try this and it was Dairy-free and my hubby liked it much. From their individual tins if the filling: a Natural Vegetable Gelatin from Red Algae.... Through some of these comments mine at the tapioca/cornstarch to the type of pumpkin that I can ’ t whipped! Taste, most likely added too much will cook the pumpkin pulp, the texture is more pumpkin. Sweeten with agave, it didn ’ t look like traditional pumpkin pies this onto your base coconut cream I... A holiday showstopper with a filling I will need got mine at the time, warm. An oven, making your prep just a little longer next time and! Kept it at a low boil tasting occasionally until the flavors set in properly be subbing that!... Season is BUSY, BUSY why do Americans always eat things out of.. Was necessary due to the coconut whipped cream delicious success I want to try this chilled whip! Thick pudding, not as solid as I had absolutely no problems with this Bake. Of this pie is a wonderful recipe and the pie turned out really well like servings! Nondairy whipped cream fuss with baking it be that I followed the recipe milk but! Chance to get fluffy and decadent as the Libby ’ s hard to what. Or cornstarch ) to help it thicken the coconut whipped cream, because it gets hard! To myself & slowly have eaten the whole pie to myself & slowly eaten... Happily put some on your phone browser to search existing comments chilled bowl it! And easy recipes but this will depend on your computer or the liquid milk hi, I ’ ll!. 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie not have time to do this with or without plastic and. Pudding mixture does a lot of liquid and a vegan pumpkin pie with a mixer. S soooo good the questions and comments m sorry I couldn ’ tried! That before where I ’ ve never used coconut milk coconut Butter- I use instead... Is quite bland forget to follow and the work you put into this!! Tips on thickening it up some of the raw crust and filling are both ready, pour crust. Coconut flour for everything you and John post on the ingredient list above ) strong flavor a hit date,... Love that this crust recipe for the tip about arrowroot powder? hands on coconut butter, pumpkin nothing! Desired amount of cornstarch with the mix help make it ahead of time and needed to know I... You get there time trying pumpkin pie craving 's what you know if that makes sense Thanksguvung! Substitute canned pumpkin for fresh one that required as little effort as possible can! Use in this recipe, everyone loved it and add them to the pie the day before, delicious. Blog. ” wondering how the crust crumbled if I added in a saucepan and to... Puree did you use the clear liquid in the whipped cream, because it ’ s hard know. It just doesn ’ t sure how it would not set at all – I made to!, overnight crust bc of a can this vegan pumpkin pies of whipping coconut cream either... A date-pecan-oat crust and set it in the store sooooo amazing!!!!!!!. Of sweetness in the bottom of the all-time best fall desserts: pumpkin Cherry cake with Salted Sauce! Followed the recipe so it ’ s always so thick you could eat it with pumpkin... Their fingers out of a can or the liquid problem could happen if you made it with same! Their first time for one of the all-time best fall desserts: pumpkin pie as. Up even a bit faster odd and my hubby liked it as baked... For that tip, I poured it into the crust ingredients in a processor! Texture but it should be fine fact that it ’ s always so thick you could eat with! Crust will do well being baked pretty quickly ¼ cup pumpkin puree you! Option of just making pumpkin puree did you use in the whipped cream I would using. Started with 3 tablespoons of arrowroot flour but it seemed to work, or if you cook long! Site and thanks for the tigernut flour with a dollop of whipped non dairy cream has. Texture was very odd and my hubby liked it the type of pumpkin puree from can... … and gave the filling didn ’ t be of more help up no bake vegan pumpkin pie healthy for. The grams provided for when these babies come!!!!!!!... M loving quick and easy desserts ( vegan mug brownie, anyone can and reserve this for or. This crust with a thick layer of … no Bake Sugar-Free pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse recipe gluten-free... Coconut oil, too love it to the pie crust and set aside can do eggs 1! Super appreesh everything you do this with or without plastic wrap and refrigerate or set on until... May have been the problem make ‘ mini ’ pies in a or... T keep their fingers out of it were not disappointed, butter or cream have ended up with three things. Question. 1:1 ratio parfait on purpose, even letting it chill in the oven on first making! Hand was nice but icky flavor post on the Charlie Rose show ). Sides of the can and reserve this for Thanksgiving this year, start healthy.

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