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His own personality was his strongest ally. Often a dictator has many followers because of their dynamic and controlling personality. Belonging neither to the aristocracy nor to the learned class, he was one of the common people yet separate from them - a separation not of race or caste or education, but of unique personality. Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death (2 vols., 1903). I mean it in the modern usage (people who see him as slightly extrahuman, and follow him and what he does/says zealously. And if freedom of choice be a possibility at all, it must in future be regarded as the prerogative of a man's whole personality, exhibited continuously throughout the development of his character, displayed to some extent in all conscious conative processes, though especially apparent in crises necessitating deliberate and serious purpose. He attacks Hegelianism for its pantheism, its lowering of human personality, and imperfect recognition of the demands of the moral consciousness. In 1880 The American Journal of Philology, a quarterly published by the Johns Hopkins University, was established under his editorial charge, and his strong personality was expressed in the department of the Journal headed "Brief Report" or "Lanx Satura," and in the earliest years of its publication every petty detail was in his hands. The investigation of Carpenter on unconscious cerebration and of Faraday on unconscious muscular action showed early in the movement that it was not necessary to look outside the medium's own personality for the explanation of even intelligent communications unconsciously conveyed through table-tilting, automatic writing and trance-speaking - provided the matter communicated was not beyond the range of the medium's own knowledge or powers. Whether it was the personality or the fact that she was entering another stage was hard to tell. ‘But in spite of its collectivist ideology the system rested on a charismatic leader and a personality cult around him.’ writers of this century need not be mentioned here; but the next, the 11th century, is given as the probable though uncertain date of a writer who had a great influence on European medicine, Mesua the younger of Damascus, whose personality is obscure, and of whose very existence some historians have doubted, thinking that the name was assumed by some medieval Latin writer. Sigurd himself is not mentioned by any contemporary writer; but, apart from the dragon incident, there is nothing in the story which affords sufficient justification for regarding his personality as mythical. The cult leader saw himself as a Messianic fig: 6. cult of domesticity … Once more, the great forces of nature, considered as persons, are involved in that inextricable confusion in which men, beasts, plants, stones, stars, are all on one level of personality and animated existence. Their goal is to break down … His very defects were among the chief elements of Pelham's success, for one with a strong personality, moderate self-respect, or high conceptions of statesmanship could not have restrained the discordant elements of the cabinet for any length of time. How to use cult in a sentence. In the domain of history we have first the old Sienese chronicles, which down to the 14th century are so confused that it is almost impossible to disentangle truth from fiction or even to decide the personality of the various authors. naughty at times and has a sexy adventurous side to her personality. The vigorous vitality which gives interest to the personality of Catullus, Propertius and Ovid no longer characterizes their successors. Critics maintain this Kim Jong-il personality cult was inherited from his father. It seeks to prove its case by asserting first the divinity of Christ, and secondly the personality of the Holy Spirit. This philosopher, a man of striking and attractive personality, succeeded in fusing the Megarian dialectic with Cynic naturalism. Much depended on the character and personality of the young prince who had now taken into his hands the reins of government, and for half a century was to guide the destinies of the nation. Hussein achieved in closely tying the military to the work of the government. ebullient personality, courage and vivaciousness made him very popular with all ranks within the Regiment. 3. The prisoners are kept in cages throughout the ridge, waiting for this horrible fate to befall them. His fame lives in Eastern history as the conqueror who stemmed the tide of Western conquest on the East, and turned it definitely from East to West, as the hero who momentarily united the unruly East, and as the saint who realized in his personality the highest virtues and ideals of Mahommedanism. His insistence on moral experience is connected with his insistence on personality. Totalitarian regimes use the state-controlled mass media to cultivate a larger-than-life public image of the leader through unquestioning flattery and praise. But it is more to the purpose to remark that they were harmonized in a personality of potent and enduring force. pinky's besotted behavior is at first amusing, yet soon turns sinister as she gradually takes on aspects of Millie's personality. on-air personality section of the Greene King Broadcasting awards. It was found that personality played an I mportant part; the average effect might be t", but frequently it reached 3", 4", 5" or even 10", with the same instrument and method, ndr was it fixed for the same observer. Hugh Capets reign was one of disturbance and danger; i~ behind his dim personality may be perceived the (987-996). Aliyev, a former Soviet politburo member and the leader of Soviet Azerbaijan from 1969 to 1987, became the President of Azerbaijan in 1993. It but remains to call attention to the fact that the earlier view of the liver as the seat of the soul gave way among many ancient nations to the theory which, reflecting the growth of anatomical knowledge, assigned that function to the heart, while, with the further change which led to placing the seat of soul-life in the brain, an attempt was made to partition the various functions of manifestations of personality among the three organs, brain, heart and liver, the intellectual activity being assigned to the first-named; the higher emotions, as love and courage, to the second; while the liver, once the master of the entire domain of soul-life as understood in antiquity, was degraded to serve as the seat of the lower emotions, such as jealousy, anger and the like. If not, are we not forced to deny ultimate reality to personality whether human or divine? The benediction "Peace be to this house," with which, in accordance with apostolic usage, he greeted every dwelling he entered, was not inappropriate to his figure and aspect, and it is said "took the people's attention wonderfully," the more especially after the magic of his personality found opportunity to reveal itself in close and homely intercourse. Feeling in this higher sense (as distinguished from "organic" sensibility, Empfindung), which is the minimum of distinct antithetic consciousness, the cessation of the antithesis of subject and object, constitutes likewise the unity of our being, in which the opposite functions of cognition and volition have their fundamental and permanent background of personality and their transitional link. the already full, operative existence of eternal beauty, truth and goodness, of infinite Personality and Spirit independently of our action, and not, as in ethics, the simple possibility and obligation for ourselves to produce such-like things. the mere clothing of the impression made by his personality during life ? The oligarchy composed of the great landowners have always been an important factor in the political life of the republic; when President Balmaceda found that he was not a persona grata to this circle he determined to endeavour to govern without their support, and to bring into the administration a set of men who had no traditions and with whom his personality would be all-powerful. Examples of Dictator in a sentence. They're a taste of what happens when the barriers of our personality become porous. By the universal testimony of his friends, Robert Emmet was a youth of modest character, pure motives and winning personality. As much as he missed Jade, he was glad he at least had Hannah to fall back on. He early threw himself into the Socialist movement, and became before long, as organizer and writer, an important personality in it. It might be put in this way - a really Divine personality, a really human experience. outgoing personality means you will always get a warm welcome at The Store! It can now safely be said, as his first term in the White House draws toward closure, that Donald Trump’s party is the very definition of a cult of personality. 6; (4) the personality of the Spirit of Yahweh (mentioned no less than seven times, see especially xl. The God of Judaism and Christianity is essentially a person in close personal relation to his creatures; emanation is the denial of personality both for God and for man. The chronological difficulties which are involved suggest that the floating traditions of this great personality were easily attached to well-known names whether strictly contemporary or not. Intellectual interests of a high order have always characterized, Leipzig, and what Karl von Holtei once said of it is true to-day: "There is only one city in Germany that represents Germany; only a single city where one can forget that he is a Hessian, a Bavarian, a Swabian, a Prussian or a Saxon; only one city where, amid the opulence of the commercial world with which science is so gloriously allied, even the man who possesses nothing but his personality is honoured and esteemed; only one city, in which, despite a few narrownesses, all the advantages of a great, I may say a world-metropolis, are conspicuous ! After an analysis of the religious consciousness, which yields the doctrine of an absolute personal and spiritual God, Rothe proceeds to deduce from his idea of God the process and history of creative development, which is eternally proceeding and bringing forth, as its unending purpose, worlds of spirits, partially self-creative and sharing the absolute personality of the Creator. But Castruccio, being farther from the writer's own experience, bears weaker traits of personality. Hussein’s cult of personality arises from his absolute rule of law of which the consequences of breaking such laws usually had fatal consequences. Stepniak constantly wrote and lectured, both in Great Britain and the United States, in support of his views, and his energy, added to the interest of his personality, won him many friends. Art makes people humane, forms a wholesome personality; moreover, art is able to correct psychological pathologies. Never has a statesman's personality been more bitterly associated by his political opponents with the developments they deplored. Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Perhaps the final result would not in any case have failed, even had "blood and iron" been necessary to bring it about; but the quiet attainment of the result was due to the personality of Washington, as well as to the political sense of the American people. Personality is the essence of his Epodes; in the Satires it is used merely as illustrative of general tendencies. Its eminence, however, was so largely based upon dalliance with Roman society, its weakness so great in having only a mythical character, instead of a personality, as an object of adoration, and in excluding women from its privileges, that it fell rapidly before the assaults of Christianity. Examples of cult of personality in a Sentence. Cult definition: A cult is a fairly small religious group, especially one which is considered strange . From the first, too, he was hampered by wretched health; at the age of sixteen he was subjected to one of those terrible attacks of neuralgia which were to torment him to the last; physically and mentally alike he stood in tragic contrast with his grandfather, in whose gigantic personality the vigour of his race seems to have been exhausted. Their goal is to dominate and rule the country they live in. Vishnu, whilst less popular with Brahmans than his rival, has from early times proved to the lay mind a more attractive object of adoration on account of the genial and, so to speak, romantic character of his mythical personality. It was already recognized that in him the country possessed not only a public man of exceptionally attractive personality, but one whose literary tastes were combined with a gift for expression which was at once original and fluent. One of the most visible features of the Cultural Revolution was the cult of Mao Zedong.This personality cult was fuelled by the fanaticism of the Red Guards, pro-Mao propaganda and the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) control of information. The personality of Lazarus in John's account, his relation to Martha and Mary, and the possibility that John reconstructed the story by the aid of inferences from the story of the supper in Luke x. In November 1902 it was arranged that Mr Chamberlain should go out to South Africa, and it was hoped, not without reason, that his personality would effect more good than any ordinary official negotiations. From the first he displayed rare ability as a debater, his inspiring and yet amiable personality attracted hosts of admirers, while his extraordinary tact and temper disarmed opposition and enabled him to mediate between extremes without ever sacrificing principles. Hence Rothe, unlike Schleiermacher, lays great stress, for instance, on the personality of God, on the reality of the worlds of good and evil spirits, and on the visible second coming of Christ. de Psychologie; Myers, Human Personality. Find more ways to say cult, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Sam Brower probably knows the FLDS better than anyone outside of the cult. Alex was not only attractive, but had a magnetic personality. (3) He became a cult figure during the 1960s. Freeman had a strongly marked personality. But EbroIn was assassinated next year in the midst of his triumph, having like Fredegond been unable to do more than postpone for a quarter of a century the victory of the nobles and of Austrasia; for his successor, Berthar, was unfitted to carry on his work, having neither his gifts and energy nor the powerful personality of Pippin. An orator of a business-like, straightforward type, cool and hard-hitting, his spare figure, incisive features and single eye-glass soon made him a favourite subject for the caricaturist; and in later life his aggressive personality, and the peculiarly irritating effect it had on his opponents, made his actions and speeches the object of more controversy than was the lot of any other politician of his time. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Maybe it was merely a personality conflict with his secretary. inkling of the development of the concept of the person and personality in the history of Western thought. 3 Intuitionalism in its turn may harden out of " natural " dualism into moral dualism; either a literally Manichaean scheme - a good God impeded by an evil personality or principle (Bayle) - or belief in a good God of limited powers (Mill). He is a street evangelist and his personality shows all the signs of a tough, weathered and fearless ' front line ' evangelist. In Scripture the function of the angel overshadows his personality; the stress is on their ministry; they appear in order to perform specific acts. 1856; professor of logic and metaphysics at Edinburgh University from 1880) in his Scottish Philosophy (1885), and Hegelianism and Personality (1887). diplomacy skills and an approachable personality. Herzl was beyond question the most influential Jewish personality of the 19th century. A cult of personality refers to a person who is charismatic and is likely a megalomaniac. bubbly personality Louise has made good progress with in the band. Learn more. It is impossible to deny Persian influence in the development of this conception, and that the Persian Ahriman (Angromainyu), the evil personality opposed to the good, Ahura Mazda, moulded the Jewish counterpart, Satan. of Sura, often called al-Fayyumi (of the Fayum in Egypt), one of the greatest representatives of Jewish learning of all times, who died in 942. endearing personality has evoked an equally positive response from the media. An extraordinary personality cult had been created around the leader. They’re extremely manipulative, and use the media to expose people to their propaganda. I would appreciate some advice. Excessive public admiration for or devotion to a famous person, especially a political leader. Leaders are lauded for their extraordinary courage, knowledge, wisdom, or any other superhuman quality necessary for legitimating the totalitarian regime. cult of personality translation in English-Greek dictionary. Personality Traits Sagittarians are known for their broad vision, tolerant attitude, freedom-loving philosophical air, and generally jovial spirits. (2) In spite of all the contradictions in which he involved himself as a thinker and as a teacher, Tertullian was a compact ethical personality. Examples of personality in a sentence, how to use it. The late great bandleader rated Tony very highly and referred to him as " A great singer with a great personality " . 2. God exists as an eternal personality, and the creation is an overflowing of the divine love, which was unable to contain itself. What does cult of personality mean? Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. By his extraordinary force of character he exercised a wide personal influence during his lifetime, but failed to stamp his personality upon any measure or policy of lasting importance.. Concurrently, there was a speculative or philosophical interest; and some prefer to defend Trinitarianism as a reconciliation of the personality with the infinity of God. He died in 1798, and the success of the church he founded is a tribute to his personality and to the principles for which he strove. In the Page disgracie of Tristan l'Hermite, the page makes the acquaintance of a dramatic author, and his description may be accepted as a contemporary portrait of Theophile's vigorous personality. The Cult of Personality™ Secret Kool-Aid Recipe. Their own musical personality cults preclude any free exchange. He is the god of agriculture, specially connected with Aristaeus, which, originally a mere epithet, became an independent personality (see, however, Farnell, Cults of the Greek States, iv. St Louis owed his realm to his mother, but he himself always remained somewhat under the spell of her imperious personality. While in public life Conkling always attracted attention by his abilities, his keenness and eloquence in debate, his aggressive leadership and his striking personality. Until recently he was looked upon as semi-mythical, but the discovery of the tombs of many kings of the 1st Dynasty including probably that of Menes himself, as well as an abundance of remains of still earlier ages in Egypt has given him a personality. Cult of Personality. The power of the witan varied according to the personality of the reigning king, being considerable under a weak ruler, but inconsiderable under a strong one. No man can exhaust by introspective analysis the hidden elements in his personality. This little silver agouti was the runt of the litter but what she lacked in size she made up for in personality. We must rescue them! A new and conciliatory phase of patripassianism was expounded at a somewhat later date by Beryllus of Bostra, who, while holding the divinity of Christ not to be 181a, or proper to Himself, but irarpudi (belonging to the Father), yet recognized in His personality a new lrpbcrwlrov or form of manifestation on the part of God. Jowett) in his teaching, example, character, historical personality; and that he is full of moral splendour. Bags of personality It's an incredible eye-opener to be at such events in person. Many of the most well-known faces in British media attended the awards, which were hosted by TV personality Jo Brand. Of singularly alert faculties, with a remarkable knowledge of the men and history of his country, and an extraordinary memory, his masterful talent for politics and state-craft, together with his captivating manner and engaging personality, gave him, for nearly two decades, an unrivalled hold upon the fealty and affection of his party.

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