ginger for gonorrhea

I've been using the oregano oil for 10 days and so far it's not working? I am so happy I came across this Article. Please where can I get the Olive leaf extract? Firstly, you should visit a health care professional to put your mind at ease if you're worried. Make sure you use all 4 remedies as well for maximum effect. I've now done away with them (not helping anyway). Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD). Find a certified presentation designer for your next project on Prezi; Oct. 2, 2020. As far as creating superbugs? Don't forget to also eat and drink probiotic rich food and drinks too if you can (. Is 510 mg Oregano oil capsules just as effective as the actual oil to eliminate Chlamydia? Also, would smoking marijuana interfere with my diet? This Gonorrhea is a serious infection, which might result in prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate gland, urethritis or inflammation of the urethra and epididymitis. Thanks. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks. As far as your breast milk helping? Follow all 4 recommendations listed above to-the-letter. The colloidal silver can also be safely applied to any external sores around the anus. Easy DIY Scrub Recipes for Healthy Looking Skin. Guyabano contains significant amounts of vitamin B1, B2 and C which curb gonorrhea.It also has antibacterial and diuretic properties which relieve the painful burning sensation during urination. Once the virus or infection is gone, you can then relax your diet if you so choose. If you are thinking how to treat gonorrhea without visiting a doctor, then, try following these home remedies for gonorrhea treatment below. Why is this not working faster? The Sovereign Silver colloidal silver and Zane Hellas Wild Pure Greek Oregano Oil will both last you the required time, in fact more than the required amount of time. Thanks! :), Amazon or Ebay are definitely your best places Solomon. I am in Nigeria-Abia. I read through all of the aforementioned comments and just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. Yes the OLE, colloidal silver and oregano oil can (and must) be combined, but remember also, an alkaline diet is crucial for these supplements to work. :). This is the only site where I’ve found detailed information on how to go about getting rid of the infection without antibiotics. I've also been drinking Alkaline water ph9.5 from Stater Bros for about 2 weeks now as well. Or should we refrain? This can take anywhere from 4-12 months. Get the roots of a male pawpaw and ginger. Hello Troy, I have been taking the 3 products you have recommended. We advise you wait until you have your baby before starting this protocol, just to be on the safe side. There's no exclusive need for massages as such, however, massaging the prostate can actually be beneficial as this helps to remove toxins and heavy metals from the prostate gland (which the virus likes to attach itself to). Eyes. The colloidal silver and oregano oil should be taken separate from each other. I am male but felt no pain. I ordered the OLE you recommended and am just waiting now. In this article, we are going to tackle any misconceptions regarding how to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor, and offer other tips for treatment for gonorrhea. Hello and thank you for this thread. It didn't work. Extract the juice of the fruit and drink one glass daily. Thanks for your response regarding the extra supplements, however I don't believe you answered my initial question. Also with the oregano oil, can I take it 3 times a day and take the coconut oil with 2-3 drops under my tongue 1-2 times a day? The symptoms of gonorrhea present differently in men and women because of the differences in our anatomies. By accessing or using any page on, you agree that you have read, understood, and will abide by our Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure. I got the olive leaf complex instead of getting the actual olive leaf extract supplement. ... coconut vinegar mixed with turmeric powder and ginger juice, it worked to stop the symptoms, but once I stopped taking one of them, the symptoms started all over again. Don't forget also, what you eat is extremely important for the supplements to work at their most efficient, so be sure to eat plenty of alkalizing foods and no refined or processed foods. She is right to a point. The current guidelines from the U.S. Current empiric therapies rely on broad-spectrum antibiotics. Yes, most definitely as these are all powerful immune boosters. There are a couple of different ways that you can battle that fever. Should I take the oregano oil and OLE with or without food? which are dangerous and can spread easily from one to another through sexual intercourse. To ease a sore throat that often comes with gonorrhea, you can add from honey to warmed honey or tea. I cant afford to keep paying for the test in Greece, so I am trying your method to see if this helps. Diet is extremely important. You can also up the oregano oil too. The information provided is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition nor is it implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. I'll make sure to let everyone know how things go for me! I was told by a homeopath that regardless if the treatment is natural or not they will still act like antibiotics in the body and kill all good bacteria along with the bad. I just want this gone asap. :). Firstly, Dr Clark's Para Cleanse is brilliant and works extremely well. I'm doing the oregano, colloidal silver and olive leaf. Gonorrhea is an infection caused by the transfer of bacteria between two sexual partners. Now, I wish to know if its okay to try all three: OLE, Colloidal Silver and Oregano Oil at once? Using pharmaceuticals will only suppress the symptoms, so your doctor is right about that. 20 minutes before food is ideal. Gonorrhea Symptoms. I'm confident in my ability to follow a healthy diet, especially when I'm trying to get rid of Chlamydia. When I cleaned after myself there was blood that came out of the urethra. Thank you. Please read our, Real European Olive Leaf Extract Super-Strength 25% Oleuropein, The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases, Renew Life, Extra Care, Ultimate Flora Probiotic, 200 Billion Live Cultures, Zane Hellas Oregano Oil Softgels Concentrate, this website has some handy recipes if you're interested, 5 Ways To Treat Hyperthyroidism Naturally - Dr Josh Axe, A Natural Cure for Hepatitis B&C That Works, 5 Home Remedies for Folliculitis That Work a Treat, Powerful Natural Remedy for Seborrheic Dermatitis, ZANE HELLAS Wild Pure Greek Essential Oil of Oregano. Instead I've changed my diet and lifestyle. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Hi Lucio. It will work. I believe this to be a direct result of her using ozone far less than I do, and therefore she has many more pathogens to kill and expel from her body than I do. Even though your symptoms have improved, you need to continue to take the supplements and eat properly for a while yet to fully cure the infection (get rid of it for good). Thank you! I will start the protocol after I receive the 3 that I just ordered. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Unfortunately, there can be no shortcuts Jake. May I know if these are strong enough? No burning and very little discharge. I have just purchased Natures Way 20% Oleuropein vcaps. Or should I do the colloidal silver under the tongue? It also has antibiotic properties. To determine whether the gonorrhea bacterium is present in your body, your doctor will analyze a sample of cells. So I have a question about the alkaline diet. I think adding the defence plus helps give an extra kick. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Directions say take one a day but I am taking 2. You can add basil, apple cider vinegar, ginger, grapes, cilantro, garlic, and onion to your diet.

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