Thanks List (a work in progress)

The Queen, for all the support, love, and respect (you always “got it”, even when I didn’t); Madison, my daughter, for being fuel for the fire of expression; Joe Henderson (for kicking me in the ass by putting a guitar in my hand), Alex Johnson (enthusiasm factory), Brian “Tix” Bourque, for reminding me that it all means something to someone; Mom, for life and everything that goes with it; and Dad, for teaching me that a man has to stand his ground.

Adam, David, & Tom of Cardiac Arrest, for all those years; Mike, Adam, & Sam of Sallah for reminding me how much fun music could be; Kai Kauffman, for being the best engineer I’ll ever work with; John & Jill McEntee; Chuck (for knowing before I did); David Richards; the whole 3rd shift crew; The Biz; ULC; Shaun Pile; Adam M.I.; Aaron Blast; Vader; D-Rod, Mad Mike, and the entire user base of, for never-ending, unconditional support.

The forefathers of hardcore punk, crust, grind, and death metal, for starting it all – Death, Disrupt, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Sinister, Carcass, MDC, Crass, Queen, Impetigo, S.O.D., Poison Idea, Nirvana, Bad Religion, and Tears For Fears… Without you, we have nothing.

Epiphone, Mesa Boogie, Vater Cabinets, Ubisoft, Pearl, Axis, Saluda, Vater, Guild, DW, and Fender…

Godzilla, Spider-Man, Rorshach, and Cannibal Corpse, for being the best figments of imagination a guy could ask for.

To Grant Imahara, we thank you for always challenging our logic, reinforcing our imaginations, and championing our evolution. You are missed, Sir. 

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