Writing and Demoing begins!

This week marked the true beginning of Conifevore’s initial demos and the path that will lead to an eventual debut full length. There’s probably enough material to cull two full-lengths from, but, one thing at a time.

I’ve been working with the main guitarist, someone whom I respect highly, and his passion to realize the vision of the project has really lit a fire in me to see this through. I wrote the skeletons of these songs over 20 years ago, and they’ve seen multiple evolutions in various projects from that era, and, coupled with my experience, are going to become something much greater.

I decided to employ a drummer other than myself on this, for multiple practical reasons; the largest of which is that the material demands more than the best I’ve ever had on offer. My guitarist cautioned me at showing such humility, reminding me of all I’ve accomplished, and I reminded him that, as writers, we often write above our ability. He relented, when combined with the knowledge that I have not seriously picked up a drumstick in over eight years.

I am confident that this is going to be something for old and new fans of the genre alike. Conifevore is literally about taking in influence and molding it into something new. We do not promise something ground breaking, but, we do offer something with true passion, grit, and intensity that so many extreme metal artists lack.

I run the risk of rambling here, but I will leave you with this:

This project has been a long, long time coming. When we finally unleash some finished demos, it is our hope you will see the potential for the art on display.

We don’t want to change the world – we just want to add some heart to it… by ripping your faces off.

You’ll hear from us soon; that is a promise.

June 18th, 2020

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